Monday, February 1, 2016

Tolerate My Child Day

Clueless Wonder One has offered our house up to two of his friends for four days. I’m good with that. I have and will continue to happily take in other people’s offspring in the hope that should the need arise the same will be granted to Clueless.

We did entertain The Lost German, who we found out later was more a passing acquaintance. The Lost German ate two loaves of bread a day, sat around and watched hours and hours of SpongeBob. I wouldn’t have minded if he were seven, but at nineteen, I thought this a tad odd. Now, I don’t mind a bit of Mr. Square Pants and Patrick and look for the hidden gems that used to fly over my kids heads.

The reason I am a bit cranky with Clueless are his friends are arriving on Super bowl Sunday at 3pm. The chances of them clearing Customs and stuffing their massive backpacks in my jaunty car and getting in and out of LAX in half an hour is slim even if we had a time machine.

Faux Gordon Ramsay will be in the kitchen cooking up a billion tequila and lime chicken wings and checking that the beer is icy. His advice to Clueless will be ‘Give them our address – they can catch a cab, because I’m not moving off the couch.’ He’ll make good on his word. I shall have to press out the indents on Monday.

But it’s football I hear you cry. True. Since the mighty Buffalo Bills are not there this year, (such a travesty), I’m picking the Broncos because Peyton and I share an awesome last name. The fake Gordon Ramsay is a bit in love with Cam Newton, so he’s going for the Panthers. But the real reason I’m mad is I’ll miss some of the commercials and the buildup. The Super bowl has the best commercials ever and the best buildup to any sporting event (okay tied with the showjumping or the Eventing final at the Olympics).

The lost puppy on the Budweiser commercial still makes me cry.  
So I’ll be tolerating my child, picking up his bread-eating friends and if I don’t make it back before Mr. Mars hits the stage at the halftime show I will cry like a seven-year-old denied SpongeBob.

Go Broncos. 

Here's a little of the puppy magic. 


  1. Oh Hayson

    Love that add tears here as well

    I do hope that there is a miracle and you get back to watch everything on the TV and enjoy your day I know what it is like on rugby league grand final day here in my house :)

    Have Fun

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Helen, you are a truly fabulous person.

      I am so looking forward to the day. I hope I get back in time too!

      Hayson x