Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Art of Being Consistent or in my case Horribly Inconsistent

The Art of Being Consistent or in my case Horribly Inconsistent

I stand in front of you with a confession. I am hopeless at social media. I don’t mean to be, I really don’t. I aspire to be that fun and funky friend who writes witty and scintillating posts that I’ll whip up and post, frequently.

Oh how I wish I was witty or scintillating. I am depressingly neither.

Between working full time proofing death certificates (I take my job seriously. The typo of ‘Gunshot wood to head’ will not go out on my watch. No. No.)  I arrive home and catch sight of myself in the mirror and whisper “Whoa. I seriously need to run four marathons a week.” Just quietly, I still need to learn how to run.

Luckily I don’t cook because I live with a Gordon’s Ramsay wannabe, so while he’s throwing a hissy in the kitchen and swearing at an orange, I open the laptop and work on Bound to the Bounty Hunter which is taking longer to birth than the universe.

Today, at last, I would be seated at my computer spitting out witty and scintillating posts and not  watching ‘animals that shouldn’t be best friends but are’ videos, to confirm there is good in the world. Well, stun me into silence when Clueless Wonder Two looked at me with hope and sparkle in his eyes (very rarely directed at me since he became a grunty teen) and asked if we could sit down and watch the ‘best program on the Teev’. Joy filled my heart. Clueless was into The Young and the Restless? I plopped down to discuss the Abbot/Newman rivalry and his thoughts. Oh, the excitement. Was he Team Abbot or Team Newman?      

Six hours later, I now know that to kill a zombie you have to stab them or shoot them in the head. Good to know for future reference.  Clueless and I had bonding time which is rare here at Casa Manning. However, Sophie and Harlan in Bound to the Bounty Hunter and still the equivalent of Pluto regaining his planet card.

I apologize for not posting enough. It isn’t because I’m not thinking of you because I am. I aspire to post more often and I will even if it is to post a lion and a baby zebra who are now besties, or hot dudes who look like Vikings,  or how Pluto’s doing on getting his planet card back.

I do try and find you on Facebook and like your posts. You inspire and humble me. And I thank you.

I remain your hopelessly useless friend,