Tuesday, August 23, 2016

What's in your drawers??

Today is Clueless Wonder's birthday!
Clueless when he was little in his fat, bat hat

Today I was supposed to be writing, but really all of the drawers in the bedroom had to be emptied the clothes folded with military precision. After the clothes, I really should Dr. Google how to concrete the driveway. Wandering the aisles at Staples for a hole punch I might need is on the horizon.
Hello, queen of procrastination!

During the drawer procrastination, I came across the fat, bat hat from the above photo. I adored that hat and thought Clueless looked quite jaunty wearing it.
Jaunty Hat

Nostalgia for days gone by creep up now and then. He's getting older and the days of skipping a couple of meals to lose a few pounds are way gone, if they ever existed. Eating only carrots and hummus for days, turning slightly orange and not losing anything is upon me.

Next week is green apple week. If you see a strange woman in the aisles of Staples muttering about the perfect hole punch while lugging a bag of apples, give her a small smile. She needs it.

Is there anything nostalgic you've kept?

I do promise to post why I call him Clueless Wonder.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

How I overcame my fear of tomatoes

I'm a tomato and I rock. 
Bunch in tight people, this is a personal one.

 I loved tomatoes. Wait. I used to love tomatoes. Not a day would go by when I didn’t munch on the red blast of sunshine.
Fast forward to when my mum was in Critical Care, barely hanging on. She’d gone from feeling mildly unwell to hooked up to tubes in a matter of days. I asked the lovely doctor what could have happened.

“Could be something like a tomato pip that got stuck in her bowel.”

One tiny, tiny tomato seed could do that?

The strawberry vacherin I will never make

Tomatoes and I parted ways. Over the years I missed them, but, the old ‘what if…” hung in my brain. I couldn’t take the risk. I had children. I hadn’t cooked even one of the five thousand recipes I’d painstakingly cut out.  I had so much still to do.

Then one day, not long ago, I ate a cherry tomato. It was heaven. It was delicious. I’d been torturing myself and missing out because of ‘what if’.

What if has turned into ‘why worry about stuff that I have no control over’.

I could be felled by a tomato. I am more likely to get run over by a bus (I always look the wrong way – I blame my Kiwi roots.) The likelihood is the stress my children induce will bring me closer to hanging with my mum.

So, for me, no worrying about ‘what if’ instead I’m going to concentrate on ‘no more worrying about what I can’t control and have a blast while I’m here’.

Me and mum hanging with Skippy.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Today is National Ice Cream Sandwich Day

Today is national Ice Cream Sandwich Day, and I am rejoicing. Becuase I am not in 'whipping down to the shops' shape. (I think it is only fair I don't turn people into stone with my Medusa hair, stretchy pants, and my fav Buffalo Bills T-Shirt with holes.) I am making my own. I give you peanut butter cookies and banana ice cream. Do you have a fav flavor?