Tuesday, February 9, 2016

How foster dogs changed me.

I was feeling nostalgic today as I weaved through dog lovers out for a stroll in Redondo Beach today (it's embarrassing to call it winter when it is 84 to my Fahrenheit (29 to my Celsius friends). When we lived here before we fostered 37 dogs. I loved them all. Okay, so I had issues with Donny of the 'humping' Donny and Marie duo, but they were all loved. 

One of my favorite dog's was Pixie - the three legged wonder chihuahua who stayed with us for nine months before she found her forever home. I sobbed in the middle of an aisle in Target when she left as I couldn't be there for the handover. All the dogs taught me something. Here's a couple that come to mind. 

Kylie who was eighty percent blind with congenital cataracts, taught me to slow down. 

Scarlet who had acid thrown over her body and who still loved everyone, taught me to let go of the anger and live in the moment. 

Tucker who would wet himself if he came inside. I'd sit out there night after night trying to convince him to come inside. He never did. He taught me that as much as you want to try and fix someone, sometimes you can't. 
I salute all the dogs with a can of Chum and a virtual hug to the people who are now their new parent, thank you for making me see the world differently. 


  1. You got me a little teary-eyed here. Fostering 37 dogs is amazing and generous. There's a special place in heaven for you and Ben...where the dogs cuddle and snooze but the carpet always smells fresh. :)

    1. Thank you, lovely, for stopping by. Oh, I look forward to snuggles on the couch with many more fosters one day. Fresh carpet? Oh, what a dream...