Friday, June 3, 2016

Day six of the nature challenge and we're in...

Day six of the nature challenge and we're in Australia!
Pass me some Vegemite, I'll crack a Toohey's and we can swoon over the All Blacks performing a haka.... I may have lived in Australia, but I'm a kiwi girl at heart and yes us Kiwi's did invent the pavlova. Check out the last pic).

Who knew cliffs could be dangerous

The second is a little guy who came and hung with me while I worked outside. He was rewarded with the gift of a plum.
The third is Sydney's Bondi Beach. Sadly, the lifeguards had caught onto my act of pretending to drown so they could perform mouth to mouth.
Cairns where a fool of a man does a fool man thing. Clueless Wonder One thought it would be the coolest job ever. Cue lots of scowling at the fool of a man.
Sunset at Clovelly Beach in Sydney
Bondi to Coogee walk. Who knew a cliff could be dangerous?

My kick ass pavlova

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