Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Where is home?

I am back from little old New Zealand where I hung with Clueless Wonder Two, which basically means I got to feed him, play ATM and try and decipher his grunty teen language. If anyone has a handbook, I'll pay. With a kidney or a vineyard.

Sydney where friendship never ends
I haven't been home for a while, and sometimes I don't know where home is. I've lived in Auckland, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, London and Redondo Beach, and each place has a special place in my heart.

Then there's London. We were in a tiny flat with the washing machine in the kitchen, no heat and had the best friends ever.
This gorgeous woman and I found each other after twenty years! 
USA friends

There are so many people who are precious to me and who are scattered around the globe. Helen, Sarah, Alexis, Noorah, Kate, Kirsten - the list goes on and on. So, as I sit here, I don't know that I have a single home. Home is where my friends are, so I have homes all around the world.

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