Friday, March 31, 2017

Practical vs. Sentimental

Last night I was going through one of the many boxes that have moved with us around the world. You know the ones that you’re not sure what’s in them, but it must be important because, hey, they’re here. Anyway, I was looking for a recipe for a cake I’ll probably never make. I was heavily into box number seven, affectionally labeled ‘Documents’ by the removalist, but which the fake Gordon Ramsay had labeled ‘crap we haul around the world with us.’

Hub’s sighed and said in a slightly exasperated voice “You kept all of that?”
Me: “Yes.” I stared at him dumbfounded. “Of course.”
Hubs: “Why do you keep every single picture?”

Because as women and mums are we more sentimental? I’d never get rid of their first school report, my first love letter (carefully printed in seven-year-old writing), a crumpled flower that was clutched in a tiny hand for hours because he wanted me to have something pretty. I’ve kept the newspapers published on the day they were born and every Mother’s Day card. The flower soap I’d had for years sadly didn’t make it. It hit humidity, and well let’s say box number four smells nice.
Is this just a Venus and Mars situation or is it just me being terribly sentimental?

Are you sentimental? Do you keep ‘stuff’ like me or are you like the Fake Gordon Ramsay. Is there something that you’ve saved?

You can't get rid of footprints!

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